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Typical parents

A parent is someone who acts like they protect you and/or love you when they don't and actually want to annihilate you like the Terminator would or something. Like he would say, "John we have to get to the chopper, NOW!"

However, when they leave to put you in hell school, and they have to go to "work", they actually have a bunch of weapons stashed in their office, and are waiting for the right moment to burn the house down. Usually, they can't find a good reason to get away long enough to do this, however, so they find it near impossible to do so.

Poisionous food Edit

If they bring in groceries, you may notice that the junkfood they buy THEY do not eat. It is poisionous, and they actually went to a drug store. They are trying to compell you with Grass, Weed, Pot, Marijuana, and those other unimportant drugs so they can finally get rid of you because they're evil.

Good story Edit

Parents also put up a good story on how they love you. They act like they do, but know that they're lying, and want to injure and/or even kill/murder/make you die. If you see a parent, please report it.

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