People, like dogs, cats, and birds, are those who favor Coke over Pepsi.

They can also be defined as "the monsters who ruined the world ever since I was born", if you ask anyone who is over the age of 57 and has no idea what the Internet is or knows its significance to mankind.

History Edit

People have a history of being stupid, dumb, and ignorant, except for those who aren't, of course, because that makes as much sense as 2 + 2 equaling five.

Back in the 1600's, when Madonna managed to sleep with yet another hollywood celebrity, making her officially be entered into the Guiness Book of World Records for being the stupidest human who ever lived, WWI.5 came and people were outraged, throwing bricks and spoons at each other, often "putting" an eye out.

When enough people were mad, they started making bombs that would explode in people's faces and make them bleed to death from starvation.

Perfect qualities Edit

Carelessness Edit

People don't give a crap about nothing that's not there's. They may throw your dog out the window of their car if they were in any way angry. They may tell you that they're sorry and you'll think it's ridiculous that they're trying to lie to you like that.

Rudeness Edit

Also, people are very rude and insignificant, except for the preppy hollywood stars who make millions from being that way, and it's almost like a second American dream.

Selfishness Edit

People are selfish in the way that they don't care about other people but themselves, especially kids and anyone who is 36 years old right now.

They disrespect everyone around them and often get punched in the face for it, too, just like other stupid, selfish people.

Violence Edit

Many people are also violent, such as iconic characters Mario, Elmo, and Dora!.

Notes Edit

  • Humans are stupid
  • The dog is superior to the horse and the rabbit
  • That football game with the Packers against the Giants.

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