A piercing is a stupid procedure that makes someone look really ugly procedure that makes someone have interesting bodily features....

Types of piercing Edit

There are many types of piercings....

Facial piercings Edit

Ear piercing Edit

This kind of piercing is relatively hot, because it makes the ear look more attractive. But it looks weird when they get them pierced all the way up the side of their eyes and stuff like that. Bleh, it's just really gross.

Lip piercing Edit

Usually for emo girls and boys, or goth kids, perhaps, and it's when they take a sharp metal thing and stab it through their lip to look "cool"

Tongue piercing Edit

This type of procedure makes a girl look hot and a boy look ugly, and is considered hard to French kiss by many, along with the teeth piercings, too.

Eyebrow piercing Edit

This one makes someone look kind of "punk-like" or "hardcore".

Cheek piercing Edit

This one is just really weird.

Eyelid piercing Edit

It sounds kind of painful, yeah.

Nose piercing Edit

This is done by "punk rockers" and other people who like to show off the rings up their nose.

Chin piercing Edit


Eyeball piercing Edit

This one looks like it could hurt.

Forehead piercing Edit

People really are something, aren't they?

Bodily piercings Edit

They get plenty of these, too.

Bellybutton piercing Edit

This can be solved by simply throwing her onto the streets and locking the door.

Nipple piercing Edit

  • sighs* When will they learn?

Fingernail piercing Edit

Yeah....some people do it.

Stomach piercing Edit

It does happen

Private part piercing Edit

Stupid people like to look "sexier" with it done that way....

Toe piercing Edit

They get their toes pierced (WTF???)

Skin piercing Edit

They get their skin pierced somewhere.

Arm piercing Edit


Shoulder piercing Edit

Yeah, that looks weird and it hurts.

Finger piercing Edit

Get the skin of your finger pierced

Hand piercing Edit

Yeah, that happens too.

Thigh piercing Edit

They get rings that have a circumfirance the size of a basketball and get their legs pierced.

Calf piercing Edit


Ankle piercing Edit

It unfortunately happens.

Foot piercing Edit

Believe it or not....

See also Edit

Notes Edit

1. Heh it's all sick.

2. You know it.

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