We're you looking for José, Ahahahah what a fucking joke

Pizza is a good American food, just like Sushi and Mexican food. It, however, is not good if your mom fixes it for you, because it will be burnt to the point where it looks like it was spray painted jet black. In fact, your mother might have spray painted it jet black. We don't know for sure. We'll never know for sure. Now go jump off a cliff.

When Pizza was invented in 2006 by John Pizza, he got 1,000,000,000 hits (or something) on YouTube for showing it in a video which advertised the pizza. The advertisement showed a cat squashing an insect, and saying it was pizza. Even though this didn't make sense, people liked its dumb humor anyway and decided to rate it 5/5 because they'd never heard of the number before, most likely.

Ingredients Edit

Pizza is mostly made out of dog, horse, bird, sheep, and mule, but sometimes has human in it, too.

It is disguised to look like cheese, sause, and bread, along with other toppings which taste like metal for a reason....

However, in May 2009, the main ingredients for pizza changed, and instead it has zebra, unicorn, cow, bull, calf, and goat in it.

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