The popo is a Dutch league of dogs originating in Austria. It consists of six core members, all with shockingly similar names: Donny, Dinny, Danny, Dunny, Denny, and Thomas.

Methods Edit

They have a radar system for capturing popular gangs down, such as The Golden Twinkies, who are known for their trademark gold suits with white shirts and for all weighing more than cars.

The Rock Group Edit

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The Popos are a rock group that aim to combine soft rock elements with deathcore and emo music, along with some gospel music and rap with hip-hop. This is a task many find impossible, but their first album: "The Ferarri with Seventeen & 2/3 Wings", sold over 15 copies worldwide, which went in the Guiness Book of World Records as the "worst album of the century".

Audience problem Edit

Critics say that The Popos, with 577 members in their band, have trouble fitting on stage and often outnumber the audience. Arenas are often used to solve this problem, but the fact that no one comes to their performances wastes money and time for the band's manager "Showty onmah Potato", he soon quit them and produced his own music.

Money problem Edit

The band has lost more money producing their albums than how much money is lost when betting at horse racing games and being unlucky. They still continue to perform, often in darkness in their mother's garage. She often complains about this.

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