Not to be confused with cussing.

Profanity is the thing that always pisses off teachers and makes them swear a lot. It's also "bad" manners if used in front of superior justice, such as Misencyclopedia.

However, we're fine with it. Swear all you want, but don't swear AT us. That's all. Profanity contains words that teachers don't want you to use because they're so cool, like the f word, the d word, the b word, and so on. However, it is obvious how many times teachers just want to go in front of a noisy class and say, "STFU!" as loud as they can.

When not to use profanityEdit

Using profane words about the library, especially screaming them, would get you kicked out, because they are jealous of your honesty. Same with churches, weddings, and funerals, although those often gun you down.

At the Reinesannce Festival, if you use profane words, they cannot gun you down because they do not know what guns are. Instead, they will attempt to attack you with their wooden fake swords which they carry around with them around their neighborhoods as a hobby.

One thing a person should know is that using profane words around a woman (and AT the woman, especially) will result in your ultimate demise. She will kill you with her supernatural powers. If it's the wife, then the person is stuck with her. The lucky ones die fast.

History Edit

Profanity was used especially when the Nazis invaded, but it wasn't the Nazis who knew how to swear, as they had no idea (they couldn't tell the difference between a car and a tree). Jews and Gypsies were the ones who came up with this "gibberish" which is now known as the "greatest words mankind ever used".

Breaking up Edit

When a couple is about to break up, profanity is often uttered in the form of screaming. Usually, by the time the fight is over, every window and mirror in the neighborhood is broken, and its shards has killed everyone that they've ever known. The couple will continue to cuss each other out after divorce/break up, as they do not know how to say any other word. They're greetings are often, "How the f*** are you, motherf***er?" or "Wassup, b****?"

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