"WTF!? No one cares about RAIN!?" - Stewie talking about rain.

Rain, also known as precipitation for losers, is part of a storm; it is when water falls from the sky in little droplets, for those who live in Utah or something and have never experienced it before.

Intensity Edit

Rain tends to make water fall very hard onto people, especially those who swear and cuss at it, demanding for it to stop and saying that it ruined their day.

There is actually a scale to measure intensity that rain falls:

0-1 = The kind that people like to call "sprinkling", much like when the bad neighbor kid ran through the sprinklers of the mid-aged man's yard, turned them on for days straight, and ran his water bill up to $400.

2-5 = What old people call "drizzling".

6-8 = heavy rain, supposedly enough to blow a trailer over, even though 5 mph winds could do that, too.

9-10 = The rain that feels like when your idiot sister takes the water hose and turns it on jet stream and shoots it at you.

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