Not to be confused with wrapper, which is the equivelant.

A rapper is somebody who raps, such as Flo Rida or T.I., and not the way the gay kids sing it (Kidz Bop).

History Edit

Rapping originated in Africa, of course, because of all the African rappers, and came over to the US on a ship that was originally going to New England (They got British rock bands instead), but got threatened and had to go to the US.

The first rapper, Bill Cosby, appeared on the Bill Cosby Show, always rapping his way through episodes, which in my opinion was very annoying, and made it impossible to watch without having your funeral within the next three or four days.

In Modern Times Edit

Rappers in modern times rap about crap going on in the media, such as celebrities or movies or something boring and uninteresting like that.

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