"Right Round"

Sellout rap (well, rap in general is sellout anyway)
Gayass Katy



Let's Copy Some Random Song from the 80's (LCSRSFT8) Records

"Right Round" is a song by Flo Rida featuring Kesha, the person who ruined the song with her gayass sadly attempted Katy Perry vocal style.

Song information Edit

It's a sex song, so don't say that the Church should add it to their choir playlist because that would be so fucking funny and you fucking know it, or you're a fucking dumbass, fucking got fucking it, fucking dammit?

Reception Edit

Critics argued that the chorus is the only "good part" of the song (good meaning "I wanna fucking kill somebody right now), and that half of that isn't even Flo Rida. Half of that was Texas. Dammit, Texas, you always be getting your dick in people's holes.

See also Edit

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