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Rihanna (pronounced bill) is a Jupitarian singer, who has produced more singles than Britney Spears, who even had some doubles and triples. She is known for song "Driving Home on a Sunny Day with a few clouds, maybe some wind, no wait, it was a rainstorm, yeah let's go with that, no weight, maybe it wasn't. I'm pretty sure it was though" which had only one lyric in the entire song "No way!" in it.

Her age is believed to be 1,234,567,890,987,654,321,234,567,890,987,654,321, but no one is quite sure.

Speculators also think she may be 21.

Discography Edit

Main article: Rihanna discography

Albums Edit

1. There's 8 letters in my name. I think.

2. Chinese Bread with Butter

3. The Teletubees Suck

Notable singles Edit

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