Sara or Sarah is a name and that's all you need to know.

A typical Sara

Anyway, Sara originated from the word Sahara, which originated from the word Haira, which originated from the word Hair, which originiated from the word Godzilla.

It is used to name babies, especially boys, who are not equivelant to today's standards in society, and so instead of doing what China does (throws them into a safe full of money so they can get arrested and live in jail for the rest of their lives) the US and those other unimportant countries do what is best, which is putting an L on their forehead, which stands for Llama. It is still unexplained of why these countries do this.In Greek Mythology, the word "Sara" literally means "I'm jealous of frogs and every single one of them, because they're so much better than humans, as they have a more sophisticated brain but are still stupid, and they can work together better and stuff".

Etymology Edit

In fact, that was what people used to say all the time, but instead, the word "Sara" was used. How it became a name is unknown.

It became a name when someone hit an alligator and it ate a log, which a crazy man named "Sara". The name then got popular. This all happened around 2003-2005.

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