Teachers debate that a graffiti tagger "ruined" this school.

School is another name for Hell. People who attendthere often drug dealers and/or geeks who actually read and do homework. School was created by Jonathon School in the late 1900s to manipulate children, as he was racist and was a slave owner who was against crackers caucasians. School attendance is now manditory or you get thrown in jail, which is often preferred.

However, school is also a place for social networking, and also to get to Myspace and Youtube (as they have internet access, if you don't). Homework is said to be very flammable and a good source for fire. In 1999, a boy was questioned about why his school burned down. The news reporter had said, "Do you know who burned your school down?" The boy replied, "What if someone accidentally slipped while holding a lit match and gasoline jug? And then he accidentally ran away with earplugs in his ears?" The reporter said, "Well then, considering the circumstances, that would put you in jail.

"The boy was let off the hook and they instead arrested the principal for letting this happen. He cussed everyone out.

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