Science is way overrated as simply the most boring and difficult subject of them all, and most people enjoy flicking off the Science teacher when in the room, and the teacher gives them work to do. The subject Science was created 19 years ago by Freddy Weasel in Douglass, California, and he is really old now, because Californians age faster than the rest of the world.

History Edit

History? Ha, that's ridiculous. Why would Science have a HISTORY?!

Trivia Edit

  • New York City's schools banned Science from their learning system, so now there are only 6 different subjects.
  • Science had a fight with Coca Cola once about the prices it costed for Coke to be spilled onto the textbooks that the kids were drinking clumsily in class. Coca Cola admitted that they did not care one bit about Science's textbooks and decided to burn the school down. Pretty terrifying. But awesome.

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