Wow this article sucks cuz it's so short. Someone please help misencyclopedia by expanding it. Nah nevermind it's not that short anymore. Nevermind, we changed our mind. Yeah. [June 2009]

A season is a time of the year and is categorized into....four?....seasons, each making up a fifth of the year.

Seasons are mostly composed of....months....and....other....monthy....related things....but yeah, seasons are extremely boring and so will this article be. Sorry we couldn't make it better, because yes, we agree, this article fucking SUCKS, yeah.

So what could there be to talk about with "season"? Fuck seasons. Fuck them all. Let's just have a whole bunch of days and hours. No years, decades, months, minutes, seconds, weeks, no crap like that. Because no one cares about that shit and no one WANTS to care about that fucking dumbass shit. And you know it's true.

It's always been true. Seasons are a big load of crap. No one needs them. Teachers made them up, yeah that's right. Teachers did. They make up everything. They think 2+2=4, when, of course, it equals 7, duh!

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