Sex, in its clearest definition for a boy as he grows to be an adult.

  • At four years old: it simply is a mispronounciation of "six"
  • At seven years old: an unclear definition, but he has heard the word
  • At ten years old: It's what mom and dad talk about occasionally. He wonders what it is.
  • At thirteen years old: It's what he and his friends are all talking about and curious to try.
  • At fifteen years old: Really wanting to do it with a girl.
  • At eighteen years old: Probably has already done it with a girl, or he is considered a loser.

In its clearest definition Edit

The word sex is simply the letter x, spelled like ex, with another letter (s) in front of it. That spells sex. See? That simple. It's just that simple. That simple.

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