A shape is a confusing pattern of lines that tries to confuse you with its confusing pattern of lines, at the same time as it physically confusing you (or at least attempting to) with its confusing pattern of lines.

History Edit

The first shape was invented by Mr. I'm a Friggin Shape in 1982 when he was smoking weed at the same time he was mixing chemicals in his lab, and he made something no one had ever heard of before: a shape.

Or at least that's what you'll probably believe until your about 15.

Types of shapes Edit


Main article: Triangle

A triangle is a four-sided piece of wood (it's always a piece of wood) floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It got its name from being stupid and "a bad boy", even though most triangles are females.


Main article: Square

The square is the most boring of them all, well, nevermind, maybe the circle is.


Main article: Circle

The circle is the most boring of them all.

Other shapesEdit

Yeah, there's always all those other ones, that no one ever cares about, that exist.

See also Edit

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