Shia LaBeouf, in English, known as Bob, is a wannabe actor (as in, he wants to be an actor but he can't be, just in case you didn't make that connection right there) who plays a bunch of roles that gets him a lot of money, such as Disturbia and Transformers, often with mildly (or less) hot girls that don't like to play it with him. In his pastime, LaBeouf enjoys watching football games with his pet dog Michelle, unbeknownst that the dog eats every cat or bird it sees.

Shia LaBeouf holds a record for being the most injured nonstuntist of a movie and this was demonstrated in Transformers 2 when LaBeouf was high and he didn't know what he was doing so he fucking hurt his hand.

History Edit

Born in the 80's, he is known for having such a weird name and that's why film producers like to work with him so much, starting with Evan Stevens and ending up to now, with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Filmography Edit

  • Some other unimportant films

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