Not to be confused with clothes.

Shoes are a type of xbox controller, and the only wearable controller that works absolutely anywhere.

The shoes are used on many people, but for some reason, kids of the age 4 and older seem to hate them and prefer going without them, so it is impossible to control your xbox.

History Edit

Shoes were invented in 2004 by Albert Einstein who felt that the Xbox was incomplete without them. The person who helped him, whose name was unidentified because the media didn't care to know her name, was a Hispanic reporter who jumped off the Empire State Building in 2009, April 2nd.

This tragic event did not effect anyone, however, because they did not know her, and she was very random to many people.

The Present Day Edit

Shoes are worn by celebrities, too, and are made of glass, steel, plastic, or iron, most of the time.

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