A singer is usually someone who likes to take that stupid, big-headed microphone and sing with it, often badly because most humanoid lifeforms just naturally suck at singing without being tone deaf in music just naturally, which is the case with most pop singers, such as Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Jessica Simpson, and Jessica Simpson got caught for doing that. Or wait, was that Ashley Simpson? Ah, who really cares.

Singers like to dance as well, even though most of them suck and they use the auto-tuning effect and sometimes even the less common but more accurate dance-tuning effect.

History Edit

The first singer was probably that caveman off of Geico, because he was singing a ranting-song about being mad about "it being so easy that a caveman could do it" and he recorded it and listened to it on a CD player, and he ultimately realized that he sucked and he literally said out loud, "I suck! Man I friggin suck like crazy!!!"

And the thing was, he was in the middle of a Mall in Los Angeles, California at the time, and he had said it really, really loudly, almost like yelling, and everyone just turned around and looked at him all funny for about 47 seconds. Even the nerds and geeks who were around took enough time from their laptops and books to watch the caveman as he fussed about crap like how he couldn't sing.

So he used the auto-tuning effect.

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