Sister Hazel are a seventeen piece band. Nobody knows how many albums they have.They have six albums.

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

1. Sister Hazel (I'm dead)

2. ....Somewhere More Familiar (Death)

3. Fortress of Pain

4. Chasing Daylight (because it will kill me)

5. Absolutely (Kill me)

6. Lift Me Into Hell

Singles Edit

1. Dead for you

2. Recede (Like my bald head did)

3. I'm so Happy I'd like to die

4. Recede some more

5. Let the Champagne kill me

6. Death, a beautiful thing

7. Your mistake is obviously mine (so kill me)

8. Life Got in the Way so I'm hanging myself

9. Just what I needed, thanks bullet!

10. World inside my head (my brains will explode)

11. Mandolin Moon and the wolves eat me

12. This Kind of Love sucks like living

13. Life Sucks