Picture is used as an influence to get kids into skating.

Skateboards are the pieces of wood that "float" over wheels and the skater rides on them, for those who don't know. And yes, they enjoy it to. NO, they do NOT enjoy wearing pads. Yes, they like being in mid-air and looking cool. NO, they do not like it when they fall. Yes, they like performing in front of large audiences. NO, not audiences that include a bunch of teachers. Yes, an audience with a bunch of hot girls.

Skateboards are made up of several different types of material, but are mostly wood, aside from the wheels being plastic, the trucks being metal, the board being brass, the concrete being.....concrete, and the ramp being metal or wood. Yes, boards are made out of brass, for those who did not know (likely teachers/fools who teach).

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Skateboards influence skaters to be popular amungst the crowds, especially in states that aren't Alabama.

Skaters like to show off to girls along the beach, but they know that skating in the sand is very difficult without DC shoes, and they cannot spare the time to go to the skate shop and buy some shoes for the girls.

Skaters, despite popular belief, do not live in seven story trailers located at or near the east coast. They do NOT waste their time trying to flirt with girls, especially when girls don't return the favor and just flick them off.

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