He's either sleeping or dead.

Sleep is what people want when they are absolutely crazy and don't know what they really want. People who stay up all night are known to have Insomnia, as that is the stereotypical guess that most Americans and Canadians make. And some Brazillians, too, perhaps. And some Afghanistanians, perhaps, as well.

Anyone who has ever slept before in their life is known to be three times as prone to cancer than before, and the percentages raise by 50 percent each night, according to very smart One-hundred-percent-always-right scientists.

Sleep is also a symptom of Flippinitous, a disease that is associated with Michael Jacksonitous, a disease which is associated with Cancer, which is a disease that is associated with Swine flu.

Those who sleep often pertray signs of sleepwalking, sleeptalking, hypersomnia (the fear of eating sushi), vomiting, explosive diharea and severe constipation at the same time, lung cancer, heart cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, gall bladder cancer, kidney cancer, neck cancer, skin cancer, foot cancer, toe cancer, eye cancer, brain cancer, nose cancer, lip cancer, eyebrow cancer, knee cancer, bone cancer, fingernail cancer, middle finger cancer, tooth cancer, gum cancer, tongue cancer, chin cancer, adam's apple cancer, thumb cancer, pinky cancer, ring finger cancer, pointing finger cancer, and hip cancer.

History Edit

Sleeping was invented and often used by Russians in 1998, and the whole world has slept ever since, but before then, no one slept, and they were killing each other, and eating each other, and eating their dogs, and etc., just like in World War I and World War II, and maybe World War III too, if people live along to see it. Which they won't!

Where the word came from Edit

The word sleep came from the word sheep, which came from the word leap, which came from the word horse. So the word sleep came from the word horse, ultimately and satisfactorily.

The way the word is used Edit

Some ways it is used in a different meaning than simply to sleep with one's teddy bear huddled up against another's chest or arm, or maybe even neck or face.

It can also mean to put an animal to sleep, which refers to making them overdose on medicine so it can die and live a "peaceful afterlife in the underworld overworld", according to Christian (of course) religion.

Trivia Edit

  • Sleepers are known to play golf a lot
  • People who don't sleep have won nobel peace prizes, despite the fact that an obvious bed-head, Albert Einstein, also won a nobel peace prize.
  • If you eat frogs and birds, you may be a sleeper. You know your mom does already.

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