Spiderphobia is the fear of spiders, often to the extent even that the person feels unconfortable eating them during dinner time. This can severely annoy parents. Spiders are often even unaware of a person's fear of them; instead, they simply shoot that white stuff out of their holes and make a web, not paying any attention to a person usually. However, occasionally, spiders such as the Wolf Spider or Cat Spider, who are in the same spider family, both share similar characteristics of behavior, which seems to be highly aggressive.

Spiders like to smoke pot, too, so they don't spend much time noticing people trying to kill them by stepping on them or shooting them with a gun several times. Spiderphobia is also a symtom of the disease cancer, and it is also illegal to have spiderphobia in Indonesia. Their method is making you take a "spider test" which means that they lock you up in a room with a spider with the door locked, and since spiders are the size of cars in Indonesia, people who have spiderphobia would be afraid of them.

Then, they would be looking at about 25 years in prison at the least.

People's reactions Edit

What people do (if they have spiderphobia) when they see a spider is say, "OMG! Look, a spider! Someone kill it!" and then they scream like a little girl.

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