Spongebob Squarepants is an American TV show (figures) that was created in 1999 to the watchers Main article: List of Spongebob characters

Spongebob Edit

Spongebob, also known as Cheesehead, Block head, Spongoly, Yellowface, No Brainer, Scaredy sponge, Cheesebrain, Cheesy Hole, Squarechops, Brainsquare, Squarebrain, Holy cheese, Cheesy Pop, Fat cheese, or Box Pants, is a character off of the show Spongebob, and is supposedly the main character, along with his friend, Patrick, who likes to go off and be with Spongebob.

Patrick Edit

Patrick is a five-sided irregular brainless, two-tounged loser, who hangs out with Spongebob because he "wants" to, and they go off and have fun together when no one is around.

All the other characters Edit

There's lots more.

See also Edit

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