A squeaky noise, also known as "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECCCCCCKKK", is a very noisy noise that is characterised by noisy sounds and noisy textures that make you want to punch it really hard in the mouth.

History Edit

Invention Edit

Squeaky noises have been around ever since Johnny Goodman (dead person, you don't know him) invented the sqeaky noise sometime in the BC years when he had an un-oily door that definitely needed oiling. He decided, however, that he would still use the door because he weighed over 450 pounds, which meant that he was fat, and nobody liked him, so he said, "Hey, why not. It might sound like one of my farts."

Arrest Edit

He was excited to discover that it actually did sound a lot like one of his farts, so he annoyed the crap out of his neighbors by opening the door to his house over and over all night, which made their stupid dog bark, and it had a loud bark, which annoyed the crap out of the neighborhood, and eventually someone called the popo about it, and they were in a grumpy mood because they had to get up from eating donuts and coffee and watching Operah to actually come down to that neighborhood and stop whoever was causing this crap.

Death Edit

That one night got Johnny Goodman thrown in jail for seventeen years. When he got out he was gunned down by a Mexican hobo, and not three people attented his funeral. In fact, someone dumped him in the river and laughed about it.

Effects squeaky noises have on people Edit

On people aged 1-4, they might actually like the sound of a sqeaky noise, judging by the fact that they are really stupid intelligently impaired.

See also Edit

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