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When God is very mad at Oklahoma.

A storm, saying that the Weather Channel was actually right for once, is another word for a sunny day. Storms often occur when there are no clouds in the sky, and all is calm. Maybe a little wind, but otherwise, nothing. The radar they come up with is terrible, because it is actually a reformed map in England when they are actually predicting stuff in the U.S., which makes very little sense, if any.

Occurances Edit

Storms occur wherever they want to occur, but often occur in or around trailer parks. That is because God hates trailer parks, a proven fact by Thomas Jefferson back in the 1940's. Storms attempt to blow houses away, but tend to miss them because they are so stupid and high all the time. Many storms have just had 30 pounds of whiskey, and can't tell the difference between a car and a building, so they just blow everything away. Hurricanes, which are large storms, are known to be even worse, and since the oceans are filled with a bunch of different alcoholic drinks, Hurricanes can often come onto land as very drunk as well, and not know what is what.

That is what's up with all the mass destruction they cause. They often get flicked off, which scares them off.

Disturbance Edit

Storms are annoying during the day and all, because you can't do what you want to, like enjoy a nice day. Instead, you have to friggin look up at the sky to rain, thunder, and lightning. But what sucks more is when they are going on at night and you're trying to sleep and they're out there outside your house cutting your Internet off and you can't sleep at all. You're saying to yourself "why the frig doesn't it just SHUT THE FRIG UP!"

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