The TV is a device that enables you to watch re-runs of shows and stuff you don't want to watch, such as unnecessary things that like to promote people at the "movie theaters". Strangly, about everyone has one, and haven't returned it for their money back. Maybe there's a no refund thing or something....

History Edit

TV's were used in the mideval times to watch training programs and to find out how to sever the neck of civilians gone wrong.

People with swords who got mad at TV's freezing up during a storm would shoot the TV with a gun. However, due to lack of targeting skills and aiming, the TV unfortunately survived through several ice ages to end up to be used in modern times. The things on TV often show many various actors, such as Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Will Smith, & Thomas Jefferson.

When people use the TV, they are probably sitting on the couch and eating potato chips instead of doing something fun like mowing the lawn or washing the dishes.

Sayings Edit

A popular saying that is often used as a 'yomma joke' is: "Yo momma is so disintelligent that she settles on the TV and watches the independency of an inanimate object in which you often eliminate wasteful junkfood down their windpipe."

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