Teacher "stressing" over job.

A teacher is someone who attempts to kill you with the use of learning, writing, and school to make you literally bore to death. Teachers often complain about lack of money, and live in mojular homes and trailers with rats and skunks as pets to fend off students wanting to tee-pee their house.

Teachers are often considered symbols of targets because of their need for correcting students passing by them during school hours for "poor" or "incorrect" grammar, or even while in the classroom. This can proceed to students taking knifes to school and attempting an execution attack on teachers, often resulting in decapatation.The In School Suspension (ISS) teacher will yell at students for misbehaving, and are known to have signs on their doors saying, "Beware of Bitch Unfriendly person", especially if the ISS person is a woman.

Teachers will laugh at kids if they get hurt, and hit them again while they're down, if they feel like it. They will follow kids home from the bus and burn the child's house down, if they feel like it. Teachers are above the law, and whether they want to be or not, is if they feel like it.