Technically is one of the most used words in the English (Webster's) dictionary, as people use it in many contexts:
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The result of saying "technically" to Misencyclopedia.

Prep #1: "OMG, technically, you're gay."

Prep #2: "No, technically, you are."

Prep #1: "Oh, shut up, technically!"

Prep #2: "Stop being technically technical!"

Random Emo Kid: "Hey, technically I'm cool."

Prep #2: "Isn't he technically, like, not?"

The word is overused in peoples' vocabularies and in Greek it literally means: "I'm a loser for using this word in my speech." This proves to make many people losers, which is expected anyway, but even the statue of liberty, who has graffiti tagged himself herself: Technically, I'm already having a green day. Even though this puzzled many people, especially those who are ignorant and selfish, people eventually caught on and didn't care.

Technically is the word that was used when Pirates were about to charge at each other with their large cannons. The word would be spoken by the captains at the same time. If this did not occur, they would have to try again. One group of Pirates messed up for so long that the battle didn't happen because the men got old and died.

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