The test is a test taken at the end of the year, also called finals, and not so oftenly called broccoli. It consists of three answer choices: A, B, C, or Pie.

If you choose pie, in question 343 of the school handbook, it states: "If the child chooses pie, then the teachers get to stop complaining about money problems long enough to throw a pie in their face. This will then humiliate the child, which is very funny to teachers."Eating is not allowed if the student chooses to use the test as a placemat.

The handbook, however, does not state whether the pupil can use it as a napkin, however. If one spills a healthy drink, such as Coca Cola, onto the test, the teachers call the principal and let him/her punch that student square in the face. This method is applied to every university/school in the county of America.

The late Soviet Union, who had always tried to copy the U.S.A., tried to duplicate this interesting feature that America had, but a terrorist from Iraq blew them up and that was the end of it. The Soviet Union "was like burnt marshmellows over a roasting fire", one American General from Pakistan had said.

Complaints Edit

Teachers will often share to children about how the test does not give them money and how all they get to do during the test is grade papers.However, despite the fact that this is supposed to be true, teachers tend to steal their little kid's game boy and bring it to school and use during tests.

Mr. Stickittothuhman Edit

If a student is looking, the teacher will act like he/she will just be grading papers or staring into space. A report featured one day that a teacher, named Mr. Stickittothuhman, had stolen his daughter's Xbox 360 and wanted to play it in class. He had had the controller (wireless of course) in his desk, while the 360 was on top of the TV and he called it his "special little DVD Player that you can't find anywhere but at a certain Flea Market in Pittsburg."

Even though the students never found out that he was playing it, because when they would look up he would turn it off, a man walking by the back door to Mr. Stickittothuhman's room had witnessed this uncasual event and had called the fire department.However, when he did that, they asked him why he had called them because they could do nothing, and so he called the Police, who "accidentally" shot the TV and made it blow up, along with the 360.

Mr. Stickittothuhman was fined and sent to prison for life.

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