The Baxing Band
Albert Parks
Albert Park with his family, ca. 1975.




Pop, rock, jazz, country

Years active

1962 - 1988

The Baxing Band was an American band formed in 1961 by Ronald Norris and Albert Parks. They were very active, frequently releasing new singles that would later become successful, for example, Damian's Night released in October 1968. In 1970, their Sugar & Salt album divulged. It received great reception by most people. TBB dissolved in 1988, after Remark Remarks death.

Personal Edit

All band members of Baxing Band are deceased. Albert Park's death in 1976 conspired Loke Upp, a conniving organization run by extremists.

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1961 - 1976 Edit

1976/1977 - 1988 Edit

1984 - 1988 Edit

  • Remark Remark (deceased)