If you were looking for the song, you're wrong. Haha, that rhymed: Song and wrong. Haha. funny.

The Best Damn Thing is an album and song by Avril Lavigne, but the song is not important enough to be talked about. It was released in 2007, and is her most recent album, as she is too lazy to release another one (figures).

Album information Edit

Apparently, users who have listened to the album, before they died, have said that the album is related to Avril Lavigne's alleged drug problem that she fought back in the early 2000's (possibly 1999-2004) when she was a teenager.

Singles Edit

The album had 4 singles: "The Best Damn Thing," "When You're Gone," "Hot," and "Girlfriend, some of which happened to chart, but for the most part, it wasn't the Best Damn Thing that Girlfriend even got to #1 on the charts (for whatever reason there is)....

Charts Edit

Surely enough, the album reached #1 in the US (by fluke).

See also Edit

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