The Bible is a really long book that Christians read a lot to "discover" and "find out" and "read about" the "unknown" things about their religion. The bible tells them many things that they feel they need to share with the rest of the world, for some reason, and convert whoever they see or that person "will go to hell".

Languages Edit

Since the bible is written about thirty different ways, it has a whole bunch of languages (translations) so that people across the world can read it and not have to learn Greek or English or Spanish or whatever.

The author Edit

There is apparently no known author for the bible, so it is anonymous, and no one knows who wrote the bible. And for another thing, who can know who wrote the bible if it's written so many different ways?

Myths about the bible Edit

Despite popular belief, the bible does not and never will tell about when the world will end, and it does not say that it will end in 2012. Those Mayans predicted the end of the world when they were high and playing spin the bottle.

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