The Boy Who Cried Wolf is a Canadian children's book written by Osama Ben Ladin and he was referencing a time that a boy called him a wolf. Instead he made up some shitty story about some dumbass boy who liked to act like he saw a wolf so he could get rich off of people's fear, or something like that. How could I know? I never read the damn book. Reading is for sorryass losers.

Plot Edit

In the play, the boy goes:

"OMG! A wolf! Guys look!"

Some guy comes out from his hut, scared, and says: "OMG! Where?!"

The boy goes, "Hahaha, dumbass."

The man walks back inside, disappointed.

Reception Edit

One critic said, "This dumbass book can burn in hell for all I care. It sucked. 1/5 stars.

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