French man

Average french man.

French is a language spoken by the Chinese, and is common in Africa and the United States, and is taught by South Americaners who are from Antarctica and Australia. And maybe Canada, too. Whatever.

The French commonly live in Canada, especially because that's just where the French have always lived, because France had already been inhabited by a bunch of French-speaking white guys, so yeah, they couldn't go there.

French people speak their language mainly because "they feel like it" or "cuz they feel like it", is the two answers you will most commonly hear, but you won't hear it in English, so it'll probably be more like "veshrealwe lsdkjll sakginwe" or something like that.

Rules Edit

Honestly, there are no rules to the French language, just the fact that the French need a language to speak and so they chose "French" because they are "the French" and they didn't wanna look like "copy-cats", as they call it, for copying the English language, which is far more better than any other language on the planet so yeah.

Appearance Edit

Most French people wear, well, just look at the picture again.

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