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The logo, which is actually a phone number (444-444-4444), and if is called, they will take your money.

The History Channel is known for making up stuff and putting it on TV saying it's right. These so-called "scholars" and scientists" don't really exist. Sometimes, they even make mistakes. Bitch.

History Edit

According to the History Channel, the first broadcast of their show was held on August 4th, 1314 B.C.

This way, people will believe that they got all this stuff on tape with their camera phones and uploaded it to places like Google Images and Photobucket. The idea of creating something that would scare the public such as the 2012 event came when The Mayans and the History Channel were playing Poker in a mansion in downtown Los Angeles.

Because the History Channel was winning, the Mayans, who gave up eventually, decided to go with the History Channel's plans and have them take pictures of them drawing things on the wall that people couldn't understand (Chicken scratch Hieroglyphics). This way, the History Channel could make up stuff and say it to the public with their trust from felllow citizens.

James Taylor's feud with them Edit

One time, James Taylor released another one of his....albums....and he was contacted by the History channel who had wanted to do a documentary on how much he sucked at life. This resulted in him sueing them and them sueing themselves. He won and they had to pay fifteen nickels because James Taylor has no fucking goddamn idea what the hell fifteen nickels is compared to $50 million or something.

Trivia Edit

  • The History Channel also claims that they invented weather.
  • Since they have a strange addiction to Hitler, they decided to put all of their xbox 360 games on his grave, which made no sense to anyone.
  • The History Channel believes that there is no sky. "Instead, it is a giant picture of art that was sculpted by ancient Greeks in the 1970s." They even claim that it has Jesus's name on it.
  • The History Channel is known to shoot and kill anyone that disagrees with them or criticisizes them in any way. Speculators suggest this is how the Mayans died out, but people are still unsure to this very day.

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