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The Solar System is a system of solars.


The Solar System is a series of planets that just kicked Pluto out of its club because they thought it was gay. Yeah, pretty cruel. So now their is only eight people at the party. Hmm, who's next?

History Edit

The Solar System was created by John Solar System in 2003, and until then, he was made fun of about the idea that there was even other planets than Earth. Then, people began to realize, because when Galileo looked through this long telescope of his, he realized that there was a planet that was a bigger ball than Earth was (he saw Jupiter), so he told everyone around him and they just laughed at him and punched him in the face really hard.

However, 300 years after he died (he died in 2003) in 2004, his prediction came true and soon, planets started developing in the Solar System, and they had to think of a name for it, so they asked John Solar System and he said, "Why don't you just call it the really cool John Solar System idea that everyone will love and give me money?" And their response was, "Because you're a dumbass."

So they ultimately named it Solar System, because he threatened to sue them and then kill them.

Trivia Edit

  • The Solar System idea was very popular on YouTube, its video (that was posted by John Solar System) got over 300,000,000 views (that's like....12 views), becoming the most viewed video on YouTube and MySpace both.

Notes Edit

1. "Wow. Just Wow."

2. "The Solar System isn't named after John Solar System, you shithead!"

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