If you were looking for son, you're wrong.

The Sun is the gasiest planet in the Solar System, and is known for being incredibly stupid and stinky. No, we're not talking about the son of the Mafia, or whatever, this is the Sun of the Solar System.

History Edit

The Sun was invented in 1995, and has been hot (yet unattractive somehow) ever since that time, making it.....32 years old 14 years old.

Born and raised in Arkansas City, Kansas, Oklahoma, it was raised in the Tennessee valley and had a short attention span in school (it went to some random high school in America) and it just barely graduated, with a 6.3 GPA. Soon, it went on to Yale University and then became a lawyer, and now it makes $100 million a year, thanks to all the crimes people commit and all the time that people sue each other over a bunch of crap.

Where the word came from Edit

The word Sun originated from the word dumb. Yeah, pretty lame, eh? But that's just how stupid people were (and are).

Trivia Edit

  • Sun is a three letter word (OMG WHO KNEW!??!).
  • Dreaming of the Sun is illegal in Canada and Mexico.

See also Edit

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