The Weather Channel, people who think they can predict weather, are wrong when you want them to be right, and right when you want them to be wrong. Always. When they predict sunny weather, and you want it to be sunny, it ends up raining. But where's the mob? They're probably just like, "Let's wait till he predicts something else.

Then we can be depressed about it."Now, to this point, when the weather channel says its going to rain, they make plans to go do something that day, because it will be sunny, obviously. People have gotten smarter, and have known that the weather channel has always predicted the opposite of what actually happens.

But since people are used to it, the weather channel still makes a lot of money.

Picture 1 shows the direction the Weather Channel predicted the hurricane would go. Picture 2 is what actually happened.

History Edit

The Weather Channel was first broadcast on Disney in 1496, back when the Ice Age happened. It cost the Weather Channel billions, but they got used to it and came up with a radar system so they could change their minds as storms changed so much.

In the 1700s, the Weather Channel predicted that the Earth would be flooded. However, a volcano erupted and, sure, it flooded the Earth, but not with water. With lava/fire. And it turns out that people couldn't get angry because they were all dead. Well, except for a few of them.

Now, many people only watch the weather channel now to laugh at the people on there, and because the storms look so colorful, especially the big globs of red.

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