The middle of nowhere is anywhere that is in the middle of nowhere, such as houses that are built anywhere in Tenessee, Oklahoma, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, Maine, Utah, and the middle of the pacific ocean. But mostly Utah, because Utah is located in between the states nowhere and nowhere and so it's called the middle of nowhere, but Arizona is also included, too, because no one really likes Arizona and it's just a really big state with no purpose or meaning. Just like New Mexico.

Geography Edit

The middle of nowhere is located, as said, in Utah, and is basically Utah itself, if you wanna admit it. It is shaped like a middle finger pointing up at the sky, but not to God, so don't get all offended (or whatever). It's pointed at the moon because the moon is jealous of the Earth and then the Earth is just like "f*** you".

Population Edit

Apparently, the population of the middle of nowhere is about thirty-seven, even though it is constantly decreasing due to strong Christian belief and the fact that everyone is abstinent and doesn't believe in Marriage, sexual relations, or even romantic relations, but instead in doing crime, killing people, and a whole bunch of other things. So yeah.

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