Some of the names of some countries, such as:

  • Iran (pronounced "I ran")
  • Iraq (pronounced "I rock")
  • U.S.A. (pronounced "You suh", which is a fast way of saying "You suck")
  • Niger (a racist term)
  • Taiwan (pronounced "Tie Won")
  • Greece (this is actually the word "grass" in a Canadian accent)
  • Turkey, which is often scared of the country Hungary
  • Grenada (a preppy way of saying "grenade")
  • Uraguay (sometimes pronounced as "You're a gay")
  • U.S. Virgin Islands (this country refers to virginity)
  • Uganda (sometimes unfortunately mispronounced as "You gay and a....")

They can sometimes be considered offensive to people who can relate to any of those countries.

Sometimes the countries get sued, too.

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