A radio. Looks like a cooler, doesn't it?

The radio is a weapon that uses the power of music to kill you when you are listening. The term for killing by music is referred to as Demecioneglectaroystatica, which is also similar and often confused with the medicine Demecioneglactaroystatica.

The radio attempts to eat you when you are in the car, but when you're looking it acts like it's doing nothing but sitting in your car. Radios are actually the only thing that causes car wrecks, because airbags are trying to attack your radio but often end up hitting you in the face, believe it or not.

Features of the radio Edit

The shape of the radio is often that of a round, egg-like shape, and is the color of Birdpoop or maybe the color of fire-ash black. The kind of ash left by the cigerettes your parents smoke behind your back. BTW, it's highly likely that they eat them after they smoke them, too.

Entertainment Edit

Radios are only made to make people mad when they are searching for their favorite station, and the static-like sound it makes is practically saying, "HAHA! You'll never get this station in Alabama! Cuz all they play is country music!!"

Of the millions of radio stations there are, most can't even play, and some don't even show all the stations (because the stations start at 1.3, which is the station 'Q nothing' and go up to 200.9, which is 'Q Something').

The songs that play on there suck, too, most of the time, because singers like Lady Gaga and P!nk have to be loved by those 40-year old male rapists who watch TV all the time and eat burnt popcorn that their mom fixed.

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