Some think this article is disturbing, but no one really cares.

Throwing Up, also known as to hurl, vomit, disgust, barf, puke and to regurgitate (so those Wikipedia editors can understand what's being talked about), especially while eating food or your mom or something, is something that people do to get skinner, to get out of school, to look "fitter", to imitate having some dumb pandemic like Swine flu, and has also impressed people during the preceding hot dog contest and the succeeding Who-Can-Puke-the-Most contest.

History Edit

The first person who ever threw up was when they saw....the other side of Lindsay Lohan, and ever since, people have been throwing up, and some people consider it contageous or fun, but don't like the whole "I told you to eat that broccoli" look on your mom's face, and your sibling is probably laughing at you or something.

Records Edit

The person who threw up the longest was someone who isn't really famous but was drunk when he saw two cats humping each other and he threw up for thirty years.

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Notes Edit

1. Heh.

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