Thunder Blackberry

The Thunder Blackberry.

Thunder is considered an annoying, rap beat-like sound that can shake the walls of your house if you live in one of those average, boring two story houses. If you live in a trailer it will probably knock it over, all the vibrations and such.

Thunder is associated with lightning, according to the "geniuses" at Wikipedia.

It has been said that if you see lightning and then count how long it takes for the thunder to appear, then that is how far away the thunder is, but that is such a stupid country saying that it should not be believed or cared for.

If you hear thunder, there is a 99 percent chance you will get struck. This was proven by the SPT, some random telescope in the middle of the bottom of the Earth.

Sounds thunder makes Edit


But some may question why that, apparently, since its source is lightning, why it lasts so long and how it lasts so long. Well, scientists have proved that there is always a lion inside every thunder cloud and everytime it farts makes lightning, it goes "ROOOOOOOOAAARARARARAORAARAOOORA", which makes the "RGHRHRGHRGHHRHGHRGHRHGRHGRHGRHGRHHGRHGHRGHH!!!!!!!!!!" sound.

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