A clock, currently angry for having nothing to do but tell the time and feel "used"

Time is supposedly a way to measure the amount of distance something goes, how much a kid grows, or something of that nature.

Point blank, some people think they don't have enough time, and then again, some people think they have too much time.

It's all your opinion, really. But if you think both, you'll get sent to jail.

In the metric system Edit

According to The Metric System, pizza was served cold to a foreign terrorist of America on September 11, 2001, and that date is supposedly the date that the terrorists got mad and flew two (or more) planes into the World Trade Center. Then, until 2002, no one had known why they'd done it, but then they discovered that the terrorists had gotten mad over cold pizza, so they started tracking down the culperate, which would have been a waitor at Pizza Hut.

Soon, they found him. His name was George Bush and they made him president of the world for eight years, because despite popular belief, George Bush was not officially president until 2002. Yes. It's true.

But what does this have to do with time? Who knows (or really cares).

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