Times Square is located in Los Angeles New York City and "is the part of the city that never sleeps". Believe it or not, but Times Square is not as great as it's cracked up to be. It's full of druggies, mugs, thugs, thiefs, piraters (ones who pirate movies), and many other things.

Times Square is not a place to be, especially at night when all the signs are glowing and you have the risk of being electrecuted if they fall on you. Which has never happened before, but still, don't take any chances. Don't stand around them.

History Edit

Times Square back in the Stone Age was as big as a restaurant, and the restaurant was called Times Square believe it or not. There was, however, a competitor restaurant located south of New York City, and it was called Times Triangle and it was starting to get more people than Times Square was, so Times Square''s employees were ordered to ambush the place and sabotage it, and then blow it up to finish them off.

Since that didn't work on Times Triangle, the Times Square tried putting poison in everyone's food, but the dummie whose job it was to do this (Mickey) accidentally took the ingredient that would make it taste 10x better than it did before.

And so what Times Square decided to ultimately do was to simply build a bigger restaurant, and they soon had the idea to make a street called Times Square so they did, after deciding that they had too low of a budget to be able to make a city or town.

in 5 years, it waas finished and then Times Triangle went out of business.

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