Tired is the act of self awareness when shopping with a woman. But it can also be done in many other ways, such as working, building, planning, thinking, shopping, and just about anything else you can think of. But don't get tired and hurt yourself like last time ;).

Why it's not tire Edit

People question why "tire" is different from "tired" and for some reason it matters to them, so here's the explanation: Nobody cares what the difference is, and nobody wants to know what the difference is. People can so easily just live their life without knowing why it's not "tire" and it's "tired" instead. We just accept that it's "tired" instead and simply move on. Pretty simple, sounds like it, huh?

What tired rhymes with Edit

  • Liared
  • Fired
  • Hired

Only three words, because nobody can really think of anymore and nobody wants to think of anymore because they don't care and don't wanna care, just like how that was explained a little bit earlier with the whole "tire" and "tired" thing and all that crap.

So yeah.

See also Edit

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