Today is the worst day of your life. You are reading this because you have nothing better to do today. You could be doing something resourceful to the environment like having a bonfire, litering, or using toxic chemicals, but instead you're around your PC just chilling.

Your boss is probably very mad at you right now for something you did a long time ago, and since your boss is really strict on everything, you cannot screw up again at this meeting today or this will be the worst day of your life.

Today, you forgot that you didn't do do your taxes and they were due today. Today, you were supposed to go to the grocery store to shop for a few things, but you don't feel like it. And today you are having a hangover from last night when you got drunk with your friends.

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The hangover from last night, remember? But that's not all. There was also that time that you woke up at midnight and your mom kicked you out of the house and told you to go and get a job. That really sucked, too, but it happened and now, today, you have to deal with it.

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