Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is the sequel to its predecessor, Transformers, and was released sometime in June.

The movie has been proven to suck, but it made a lot of money, because it just sucked.

That makes sense, right?

Plot Edit

Something about a transformer, not sure. Really, the entire movie was just a bunch of crap about that Sam kid and that Mikaela kid running around, holding hands. It was ridiculous.

Reception Edit

To be honest, critics actually hated the film. Some were stupid and were like "Wtf is Shia Lubuff doing out there! He doesn't know what frig he's doing!" while some, like Rotten Tomatoes, had reviews such as "Do you know what, if you want your five-year old kid to see Transformers fighting each other to the death, humorless comments all the way throughout the movie, and nothing really cool in it whatsoever, then you go and show your kid that movie. And make me proud."

It should be noted that everyone in the movie theaters was like "ah, well, i'm glad that's over, so I can go and do something more fun, like mowing the lawn or washing the dishes or something."

Box Office Edit

This may or may not be true, because no one can know for sure:

Budget: $200 million

Gross Revenue: over $750 million

....Its polls are rigged or something. Has to be.

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