The UK Hot 100 is a system of charting. Really, you can't say much about these charts. They are used only for the UK and the UK only so, yeah, that means, well, yeah, you know, um, yeah, well, uh, yeah, um, hm, yeah, uh...yeah, definitely, it means, hm, well, idk rally, but, eh, i guess, yeah, sure, why not, um, hm, so, yeah, sure, i suppose, id say, why not, yeah, no, idk really, but, um, ha, maybe, guess, idk, no, probably not, no, um, well, hm, i suppose.

....Sorry about that. We're not too social around people. But we are around everything else! We just took a lot of poker chips from a little kitten through the power of bluff. Oh yeah.

What it contains Edit

Honestly, no one really knows for srue, but they do say that the chart is known for having some bad interesting songs chart high on their charts, and probably U2's songs take up half of the top 10 of the chart.

Why it exists Edit

What kind of question is that.

Notes Edit

1. This article is lame, just like people who say lame, except for us.

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